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Shane Young – Founder, Ascend Body

I’m excited to help people of all levels and abilities attain their individual fitness and wellness goals. I have a dynamic toolbox of training expertise that I employ to cultivate a healthy, happy, and sustainable approach to change including advanced personal training, massage therapy, and holistic lifestyle coaching.

I am a body alchemist. For over 15 years, I have humbly dedicated myself to an intricate study of the human body and its functions. I enjoy partnering with all clients committed to a holistic lifestyle and have an ardent passion for coaching people to meet their highest athletic and personal potential.

I aspire to engage large groups and corporations in holistic health, wellness, and spirituality workshops to have a transformative impact on diverse populations. A dedicated Tantra practitioner for over ten years, I am currently researching content for my book, “The Tantra of Food” and will help craft an individualized nutrition program suited to your specific needs.

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Ryan Rockland

I’m living proof that even after debilitating injuries, getting back to what you love is totally attainable with the right kind of help. I have torn the MCL of my right leg, total labrum repair in my left shoulder and also have had reconstructive surgery on my left collar bone which was broken into 7 pieces and has 9 screws with an alloy plate holding it all together.

I have participated 100% in my nutrition, exercise program and seeking the best manual therapists in the country to get back to it! I have trained for and competed in MMA, jiu jitsu tournaments, and snowboarder-cross events. I have been in the health and wellness industry for the past five plus years. From doing corporate wellness, running a training studio, training as a semi-professional athlete, mobility and rehabilitative practitioner for a Crossfit affiliate. I am currently completing the Soma Therapy and Training Programs, and starting the Osteopathic program with world famous Osteopath, Guy Voyer.

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Finn Deerhart – Personal Trainer & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

As a child, I over­ate to fill an insatiable emotional void. The pattern was cyclic; I hated myself and abused my body as a result. As an adult, I wanted nothing to do with this overweight, self­-loathing version of myself. Without a blueprint, I performed injurious workouts motivated by shame and a sense of duty. In a misguided effort to cultivate self love, I dramatically restricted food intake, obsessed with external admiration. I was a fitness model and trainer, forcing myself into perfect shape, unable to admit how disconnected and self critical I had become in the process. Despite all of the positive attention I received, I wasn’t treating myself with the kindness I craved. My body was in pain, my internal sense of love was barely hanging on, and I felt closed.

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Leslie Hyun Kim – Holistic and Corrective Exercise Coach

Leslie Hyun Kim is a fitness professional and holistic wellness coach from San Francisco, CA. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and holds multiple national certifications for personal training, group exercise, and sport-specific training.

A former multi-sport athlete and social worker trained in behavior modification therapy, Leslie has spent over a decade helping improve the lives of others through informed and inspired coaching. Her mission is to inspire fearless living and to empower others towards purposeful and rewarding lives. For years, she has successfully adapted and applied her methods to clients with a wide range of abilities and capabilities: absolute beginners needing basic knowledge, enthusiasts looking to shake things up with their regular routines, individuals recovering from injuries or serious illness, and athletes requiring sport-specific training. She specializes in sports performance training, corrective exercise, chronic pain management, holistic lifestyle coaching, energy medicine and therapeutic nutrition coaching.

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Steven Land – Personal Trainer

An active, vibrant member of the Ascend Body team (with the best hair) Steven’s natural leadership and competitive nature are reflected in each of his Boost Your Body sessions. He is a lifelong athlete and appreciates the value of nonrestrictive, healthy movement for each and every body.

A graduate of the National Personal Training Institute with TRX certification, Steven is passionate about coaching clients through each workout with a smile and acute attention to detail to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

His supportive, non-intimidating demeanor comes from a place of understanding; Steven is five years substance-free and realizes the unique challenges of cultivating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. He recognizes the dedication it takes to consciously practice wellness each day and holds each of his clients accountable to her/his holistic goals.

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Kanako Kobayashi – Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

I bring a compassionate and gentle approach to assist you on your journey to finding your ultimate healthy and radiant self.

I have been passionately exploring the ingredients to my own health and wellness for the last seven years.  I began this journey because I was feeling as if a cloud of nagging symptoms was hanging over my head and no matter what I did, nothing helped.  I wanted to take my health into my own hands.  This has lead me down many paths of learning and exploring what it means to be truly healthy, and has ultimately lead me to an abundant feeling of well being, and reclaiming my own power and vitality.

As a holistic nutrition consultant and a lover of food, I can help you find your unique, delicious, and metabolically balanced diet; the most profound building blocks to health and wellness.

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Grant Ernhart - Certified Rolfer

Grant Ernhart – Certified Rolfer

I believe that our physical bodies and our mental and emotional bodies are totally enmeshed. Patterns in our posture, whether mis-aligned and out of balance or fluid and free to move from a place of balance and support, will have an impact on how we experience our lives and the emotions that we encounter daily. Conversely, habitual ways of thinking and feeling can have an impact on our posture; picture the slouch of someone down in the dumps or the energy that radiates through a person who is standing tall exuding contentment and joy.

Rolfing Structural Integration is the system I use to address this connection. Rolfing works with the connective tissue in the body to help you break free from the patterns that may no longer serve you or that may block you from growing into the person you want to embody. You can think of me as your “Postural Mechanic”. My job is to help adjust the lines of tension in your body and balance your posture and free you up from old or limiting patterns and to help you feel the new potential that comes from length, openness and being in harmony with gravity.

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Bryan Harrelson – Certified Massage Therapist

Bryan Harrelson has been practicing massage since 2011 when he graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage where he studied the Swedish and deep tissue modalities. He has also studied with Fred and Cheryl Mitouer learning Transformational Bodywork techniques. Bryan specializes in creating a total experience that includes relaxing and therapeutic elements. He also enjoys working with aromatherapy. So whether you need to just decompress or whether you need deep muscle work or whether you need a little bit of both, Bryan can create an experience catered to your needs.

Daniel Martinez – Personal Trainer

I am a NASM and Functional Movement Systems certified Personal Trainer with a background in martial arts. Over the years I have studied various eastern and western combative weapons based systems and disciplines, most notably Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts and Fencing. I use traditional strength, endurance and balance training as fundamentals for any goal specific work. My method is to create a safe and fun environment where a client’s motor skills are challenged as they improve physical attributes and overall health. I believe personal training should be enjoyable and progressive in an environment free of judgment. Your goals are unique and individual to you — the end result being a better, stronger, and happier you.

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Michelle King: Holistic Practitioner + Personal Trainer

I grew up with a passion for fitness and realized my greatest satisfaction was in helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. I love motivating clients to believe in themselves and help empower them to live a healthy life.

My experience as a certified personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach, nutrition coach, and group fitness instructor has given me the opportunity to work with clients of various backgrounds and fitness levels. I specialize in weight loss, corrective exercises, strength training, cardiovascular endurance training, and flexibility training. Clients receive more than just customized training, but a physical and emotional journey to a better quality of life.
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Natalie Thurmond: Personal Trainer

I strongly believe the mind, body and spirit are connected in more ways than we can fathom. I battled with low self-esteem and depression in my younger years. Through therapy, social support, and having exercise as a way to channel my emotions and lessen my stress, I was able to come out a happier, more confident version of myself. I am constantly bettering myself and growing in any way I can. I have also gotten through life’s turmoils by helping others and putting other’s needs before mine. Doing so has turned out to be the most rewarding experiences of my life. If I make a positive impact on just one person’s life for the rest of my life, I would die happy.

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Allison Ayer: Certified Massage Therapist

Allison Ayer is a native Vermonter and is a nationally certified massage therapist with licenses in Florida, New York and California. She received her B.A. from Bowdoin College in Maine and her massage training in Gainesville, FL at the renowned Florida School of Massage. She has completed additional coursework through the Upledger Institute of CranioSacral Therapy, the Institute of Thai Massage, the Ohashi Institute of Shiatsu and various other programs. Allison has been working for about fourteen years in this field and ran her own business in Jacksonville, FL, Gainesville, FL, at the American Dance Festival and Bates Dance Festival, and now in San Francisco and West Oakland.

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