Boost – Small Group Training

Boost Your Body is Ascend Body’s premier small group personal training program. Each holistic, full-body training session is strategically designed to maximize strength building, promote core stabilization, and kickstart metabolism so that you’re continuing to burn fat long after the workout has ended.

small group personal training, sfBoost Your Body will help you:

  • Shift from inactivity to action
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Build self-esteem
  • Embrace sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Learn what to eat based on your body’s needs
  • Take charge of your health, body, and lifestyle
  • Release pain, promote flexibility, build strength, and increase range of motion

Traditional weight loss strategies have misled you. Here’s why. If you’re anything like so many of us, you’ve tried innumerable fad diets only to find yourself counting calories, limiting your food intake, and replacing meals with chalky, nutrient-deficient shakes. Worst of all, you probably felt like you were missing out on life, starving and exhausted the entire time.

We know how you feel. So many of us have struggled with not only the way we look but the way we feel. We are here to offer you something different to help sustainably change your body, mindset, and lifestyle: a holistic approach to fitness and fat loss that will leave you feeling energized and fulfilled from the inside out.

Burn maximum fat fast. Each functional workout is rooted in the 6 primal movement patterns: squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting, and bending designed to cultivate strong, lean muscles and burn fat fast. Our results-driven approach will keep you motivated and hold you accountable to your individual fitness and wellness goals.

small group personal training, sfIt starts with community. By committing to Boost Your Body small-group personal training, you’ll join a collective of supportive, like-minded practitioners dedicated to empowering you to live an active, restorative life. You’ll workout with people who are actively changing themselves and everyone else around them by embracing movement, positive thinking, and well-balanced nutrition. It’s fun, safe, and non intimidating. There’s no judgement here; we’re in this together. You’ll also have the opportunity to join us on social outings: hiking, BBQs, farmers markets, and races.

Wellness is contagious and you’ll feel the energy as soon as you complete your first bear crawl alongside your new friends. Boost sessions are tailored to meet you where you’re at. If you need more, you’ve got it. If you need to take it slow, our highly experienced trainers will offer modifications to ensure you’re working in a way that’s healthy for your body and mind.

That said, you can’t out-train a bad diet. That’s why we’ll also create an individualized nutrition plan that will encourage you to think consciously about your food intake based on your metabolic type. You are unique and so are your nutritional needs. Once you discover what makes you tick, your body will want to shed unwanted fat and will guide you to a place that looks and feels revitalized, capable, and amazing.

Our clients have awesome results. “In 2010, I had a serious lower back injury that left it difficult for me to walk or stand.  Shane got me started with different sets of core strengthening and balance exercises, and then encouraged me to experiment with removing possible inflammatory agents from my diet.  I lost 70 pounds of fat.  Shane has helped me get well and I strongly recommend him for anyone interested in improving their overall physical health, whether they started behind the curve, like me, or just want to kick things up to the next level.” ~ Paul T.

It’s affordable. Boost Your Body offers you the individualized attention you deserve at a cost that fits your budget. Unlike one on one personal training, you’ll workout with a fun group of people all while receiving the challenge and support you need. This significantly lowers the cost of our fitness program.

Ascend Body is more than a gym. We’re a holistically-inspired private wellness center in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. We are a collection of like-minded practitioners striving to build healthy, happy lives through fitness, nutrition, positive thinking, and restoration.

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Personal Training

  • Personally tailored Exercise Program
  • Access to Shane Young's Workshops / Lectures
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Video Link: 7 Principles of Fitness Success
  • Fully-Equipped, Luxurious Fitness Studio
  • Super Support via Text Messages, Email and Phone


Personal Training Consultation


  • AffordableDrop 15 to 27 pounds of Ugly Fat Without Counting Calories
  • Drop 2 to 3 pants Sizes So That You Can Get Back Into Your favorite clothes.
  • Lose 2-5 Inches From Your Waist So That You Can Slide Back Into Your favorite Jeans
  • Personalized Done-For-You Menus and Grocery Lists So That You Never Have To Guess What To Eat Ever Again
  • Unlimited Coaching and Access to a PRIVATE Mastermind VIP Group So That You Have Access To Support and Motivation 24/7
  • Top Secret Holiday "Cheat-to-Lose" Guide That Will Teach You My Secret Metabolic Trick

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