One on One Personal Training

One on One Personal Training San Francisco

Burn fat, gain muscle, boost your metabolism and blaze with vitality with Ascend Body’s one on one personal training. Personal training will engage your fullest potential and allow you to reach your health & wellness goals through focused, private sessions designed with you in mind. No one else.

A holistic, individualized approach sets us apart. Our dedicated personal trainers and holistic practitioners will coach you and give you the tools you need to live an empowered, strong, and healthy life. You’ll receive detailed nutrition coaching, fitness tracking, and mindset reframing. This is accountability like you’ve never seen it.

Body movement matters. Each session is tailored and progressive. Together, we’ll learn about your body and integrate specific exercises designed to cultivate personal growth. Whether your goal is strength and conditioning, pain free movement, muscle gain, weight loss, better balance and agility, or increased speed, we have a wealth of knowledge that we’d like to share with you. You’ll see results and feel them too.

We work with people of all sizes, genders, abilities and desires. You can be a natural-born athlete, or a stay-at-home parent, personal training will take you to the next level, no matter who you are. We’ll equip you with all the necessary tools to rebuild, regenerate, and alter unproductive habits and limiting beliefs. At Ascend, we embrace you. No judgment, no question.

Our detailed assessments give you a truly differentiated fitness program. Without assessing, you’re guessing. Every body is unique, and our one on one personal training delivers you a set of research-based programs founded upon thoughtful intuition, science, and your particular health and lifestyle goals.

One on One Personal Training SFThis is an investment you’ll keep for a lifetime. With specialties ranging from human biomechanics to sports performance and orthopedic rehabilitation, we are a dedicated group of highly educated personal trainers. We work with people in the same way chiropractors, physical therapist, osteopaths and doctors do, yielding incredible results. We have a passion for teaching and coaching and we’re excited to grow alongside you.

Ascend Body is more than a gym. We’re a holistically-inspired private wellness center in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. We are a collection of like-minded practitioners striving to build healthy, happy lives through fitness, nutrition, positive thinking, and restoration.

See what makes us different. Sign up for one on one personal training and ascend to a higher level. We promise: investing in your health by working with a CHEK practitioner is the best decision you’ll ever make.

San Francisco
Personal Training

  • Personally tailored Exercise Program
  • Access to Shane Young's Workshops / Lectures
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Video Link: 7 Principles of Fitness Success
  • Fully-Equipped, Luxurious Fitness Studio
  • Super Support via Text Messages, Email and Phone


Personal Training Consultation


  • AffordableDrop 15 to 27 pounds of Ugly Fat Without Counting Calories
  • Drop 2 to 3 pants Sizes So That You Can Get Back Into Your favorite clothes.
  • Lose 2-5 Inches From Your Waist So That You Can Slide Back Into Your favorite Jeans
  • Personalized Done-For-You Menus and Grocery Lists So That You Never Have To Guess What To Eat Ever Again
  • Unlimited Coaching and Access to a PRIVATE Mastermind VIP Group So That You Have Access To Support and Motivation 24/7
  • Top Secret Holiday "Cheat-to-Lose" Guide That Will Teach You My Secret Metabolic Trick

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