Success Stories

    “Akshita has been working hard with Steven and Ryan in our Boost Your Body program, ”

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    “I Definitely Feel Better!”

    Christina Keizer
    Testimonial Picture of David H. (2)
    David H.

    My results were really pretty amazing. In just 30 days I lost 23lbs. That made a huge difference in how I look and feel!

    Testimonial Picture of Surya (2)

    Just wanted to share the win…I have lost over 6 pounds! But the best part is that it actually doesn’t matter. I LOOK visibly better and I FEEL a thousand times better. Thank you so so much for your guidance and support. It’s only been a month! ….. feeling super motivated and proud. I feel so thankful to have found “my place.” I’ve never worked out and felt so much a part of a community. It’s AMAZING. You are doing great things.

    Testimonial Picture of Holmes H. (2)
    “Shane is attentive, smart, and resourceful in the techniques that he chooses for each session”
    Holmes H.

    Shane is both gifted and skilled in his craft as a professional body worker who taps into some deep personal energy for his clients.
    I have always left his space with a profound sense of gratitude and a renewed sense of self.

    Shane is attentive, smart, and resourceful in the techniques that he chooses for each session, and I have enjoyed learning from him about the master teachers he pursues for continuing study and development of his practice.

    I highly recommend calling on Shane, and these other five star reviews ought to give anyone confidence they’ve found one of the best.

    Testimonial Picture of Arnold I. (2)
    Arnold I.

    Ascend Body has changed the way I look at fitness! It’s about going beyond an exercise program to achieve a physical goal. The trainers encourage you to connect all aspects of exercise and nutrition, as well as shows you how your mind contributes to your overall physical and mental well being.

    Yes, the workouts really kick your butt! However, I appreciate how the trainers meet you at your fitness level and engage you in developing proper form and technique while challenging you at the right moment. Plantar fasciitis hindered me from being active for the last three years causing me to spiral into a way of life that was not healthy both physically and mentally. After working with the Ascend team for the last few months, the heel pain I was feeling has gone away and I am back to running again! More importantly, I have learned how strength training, nutrition, and mindfulness go hand in hand to achieve a state of balance.

    One of my favorite sessions at Ascend is the UPLIFT class. This is more of a workout for your mind. I have learned how our thoughts reflect how we carry ourselves physically. Finn teaches techniques and exercises to help you shift beliefs and redirect them into a more positive direction. I can definitely feel how this has changed “my walk and talk,” so to speak. This class provides you with tools to tie all the work you do to change physically and align that with your mind.

    The Ascend Team is a welcoming and encouraging community. Ascend Body creates a culture to ensure that you reach your fitness goals, but also guides you to create a sustainable practice in overall health. You can really see this reflected in every trainer you meet. This is what I believe is different from former training programs in which I have participated. If you are looking for a holistic and balanced approach to health and wellness, this is the place to go. It’s AWESOME!

    Testimonial Picture of Andrew S. (2)
    “I'm practicing greater self care, getting stronger, and feeling better every day thanks to Finn and the team at Ascend Body!”
    Andrew S.

    I’m living my best life ever at age 32 thanks to Finn! With Finn’s guidance, I’ve overhauled my nutrition, improved my range of motion and flexibility and developed core strength that has helped improve my performance in other forms of exercise I enjoy. In addition to benefitting from personal training, Finn’s advice (and amazing way of communicating) has helped me better understand my own neuromuscular connections and helped me maximize the impact of even basic exercises. I’m practicing greater self care, getting stronger, and feeling better every day thanks to Finn and the team at Ascend Body!

    Testimonial Picture of Jessey w. (2)
    Jessey w.

    I’ve had my fair share of massages/bodywork both in and out of SF and Shane is by far the very best. Calling what he does just a “massage” really doesn’t do it justice. Every time is different but equally excellent. Forget your cucumber water and plush robe – just go to Shane.
    He doesn’t have some big, fancy storefront, but don’t let it fool you into thinking you aren’t getting the best bodywork ever.

    Testimonial Picture of Oliver W. (2)
    “ I no longer suffer the back and shoulder pain I used to endure thanks to my desk job”
    Oliver W.

    My initial reason for seeing Shane was to kick-start my training. I was lacking motivation and progress and thought having someone who would provide fresh input and hold me accountable was just what I needed. This certainly happened, but Shane’s approach went so much deeper than the superficial tweaking of training routines that I had expected from previous gym experiences. Indeed, I don’t think it goes too far to say that I have felt a positive change across my life from our sessions.

    As I now know, Shane practices a holistic method (that of Paul Chek), so this is by design. With  goals like “I want to run faster” or “I want to do a triathlon” or “I want better posture”, Shane peels back all of the factors that might impact these things. Like the song goes: the shin-bone’s connected to the knee-bone, the knee-bone’s connected to the thigh-bone, etc. But in the holistic methodology, you keep going. The bones are connected to the muscles, are connected to your diet, your state of mind, and how much sleep you are getting.

    When you first start working with Shane, he performs a thorough analysis of your lifestyle (via questionnaires and diaries: be prepared to do some work!)  and of your physiology, with a thorough set of range-of-motion and posture measurements. Based on this, there were a number of fundamental things that Shane wanted to work on straight away: namely posture, flexibility, and quality sleep. These were to be the foundations on which everything else was to be built, and are probably the things I am still benefiting from most today. Over time, more and more exercises and techniques were layered on top of this, including some diet modifications.

    As a result of seeing Shane, I am stronger (especially in terms of core), have better balance, and have knocked roughly 10 minutes off my 10K time, all without directly addressing cardio-vascular fitness. I no longer suffer the back and shoulder pain I used to endure thanks to my desk job. And, through better diet, posture, and sleep, I feel happier and better-equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me. Right now, that happens to a baby, which will be arriving any day now. For that reason, my visits with Shane are on hold. But, once the dust settles, there’s no doubt whom I’ll be seeing to put be back on the straight-and-narrow!

    Testimonial Picture of Chris P. (2)
    “If you’re ready for real, positive change to your body and health, Shane is the best trainer you could hope for.”
    Chris P.

    I’ve been Shane’s client for 4 years; he’s my personal trainer, massage therapist, energy worker, nutrition advisor, cheerleader, and dear friend. On so many levels, he’s helped me recover from some serious auto-immune issues. Shane is versatile. Whether you want a deeply therapeutic massage, want to look better in a swimsuit, are suffering from back pain, want a healthy eating plan, or need help healing from a health condition, Shane is your guy. On top of all that, he’s just a very sweet person, I feel lucky to have found him.

    If you’re ready for real, positive change to your body and health, Shane is the best trainer you could hope for. His approach is holistic, caring, and insightful. His passion for promoting vitality and health is palpable, and he’s always adding to his vast knowledge and training.

    Testimonial Picture of Nancy R. (2)
    Nancy R.

    Shane is super knowledgeable about anatomy and various healing modalities that he taps as needed to work his healing magic. After my GP, a massage therapist, acupuncturist, and two chiropractors missed the mark, Shane cured a chronic pain in my outer upper left calf that I’d had for more than a year and a half. He was the only one to realize that it was back pain firing in my leg. Now we’re working on strengthening my core, so I remain pain free. I’m so grateful to have found Shane!

    Testimonial Picture of Paul T. (2)
    Paul T.

    Shane got me started on different sets of core strengthening and balance exercises and then we worked on my overall posture and walking. I went from being able to stand for 5 minutes at a time to being able to walk the mile between my home and his gym and back. Additionally, Shane encouraged me to experiment with removing possible inflammatory agents from my diet and we rotated through until we found out that wheat was a culprit. Eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet sped up my metabolism and as a side-effect I lost about 70 pounds of fat.

    Testimonial Picture of Ricky J. (2)
    Ricky J.

    Shane is a well educated and professional body-worker. He really addresses problem areas and truly has a healing touch. Seriously – the best massages I’ve ever had. We’re talking drooling and passed out relaxed. Finesse such as Shane has can’t be taught, rather it’s a product of passion and dedication to his craft.

    Come to think of it he may have just slipped me a mickey. Either way I always leave feeling amazing!

    Testimonial Picture of Mark Anthony H. (2)
    Mark Anthony H.

    I am a body worker here in the Bay Area with a full private practice.  I have been in the healing arts for over 7 years.  I have had many many massages in my time.  I am spoiled to say the least and I need the best to work on me. I searched for years, (literally) to find someone who could rock me out the way I rock out my clients.  Shane’s precision is like a laser and his knowledge of the workings of human body is inspiring.

    Shane is the man I go to when I need a tune up or a complete over haul.  He holds impeccable space, so that whatever needs to be released can fall away and what needs to be integrated can come into place.

    When I am out of town and my clients need some work I send them to Shane.  I trust him with my body, heart and soul, and so can you.

    Testimonial Picture of Xavier G. (2)
    Xavier G.

    I was having shoulder and neck pains plus my ongoing jaw pains, so I decided to give Shane’s bodywork a try. I just want to say that I was super relaxed during the massage, and I felt him work out the tightness in areas I didn’t even realize there was tightness in, like my elbows. The elbow part was probably the best, but I also liked the neckwork too.

    After the massage I felt so relaxed, happy, attuned, and even full of energy. If it was warmer, I probably would have ran around in the park I felt so good.

    I strongly recommend Shane. He’s super friendly and extremely talented in what he does.

    Testimonial Picture of Eric D. (2)
    Eric D.

    I’ve worked with Shane (see my review of Shane Young on yelp) and Dalton Huckaby at Ascend Body. Both are exciting, affirming, and motivating with the technical skills to fix your problems. They are also warm and friendly personalities. The facilities are shown in the photos: solid hardwood floors, one wall of windows overlooking Burger King, and plenty of bathrooms.

    Occasionally, the yoga school above sounds like a heard of elephants. When this distracts me, I remind myself its good that people are doing yoga, and then direct my attention back to Shane or Dalton.

    Testimonial Picture of Dani C. (2)
    Dani C.

    I was super skeptical at first because I didn’t consider myself a “gym” person. I like yoga and ride my bike everywhere and had terrible memories of the last time I attempted a gym membership: endless running on the treadmill with mediocre results.

    My experience at Ascend and specifically with Shane couldn’t have been further from this idea I had created in my head.

    Shane embodies the best qualities of a wellness provider. He takes the time to listen to everything you have to say with full attention, asking all the right questions. The Ascend facility is extremely well cared for–I remember the first time I walked in feeling totally comfortable, and it actually feels like a place where I’d want to hang out, instead of rushing through my time there as quickly as possible.

    I had decided on Ascend as I had some physical pain that was becoming more and more chronic and the yoga seemed to exacerbate my symptoms. I wanted to learn how to work out off the yoga mat, and maybe get some structural help with posture at the same time. What blew me away was that not only did we address all of this and more, our training sessions were so much more comprehensive than just a “work out.” We looked at my diet, digestion, relationships, career…the whole package of what makes a truly “healthy” person. I felt a new light had been lit in some pretty murky places in my life. And, the pain went away.

    Another thing I wanted to mention is that Shane referred me out when a couple of my symptoms were not clearing up (my digestion was still off and I was still breaking out). This solidified my appreciation as it showed that Shane was genuinely interested in me and my health as more than just a dollar sign. I met with another Ascend practitioner, Kanako, who did some further testing, set me up with some herbs, and within a week (!) the remaining symptoms had cleared and for the first time in my life I am not breaking out every day.

    Honestly I cannot sing Ascend’s praises enough. Highly recommended!

    Testimonial Picture of Tina L. (2)
    Tina L.

    I started with Shane August of 2013 and now a little over a year, I am SO grateful for his knowledge, support, flexibility, and responsiveness. After having two kids, I have worked with several trainers and have  tried yoga and other studio classes to lose the last 5-10 lbs and to keep up with my boys. Nothing worked and I see my weight yo-yoing 5-10 lbs from my ideal weight. Before seeing Shane, I also had sleeping problems, chronic back pain, and was stressed. Working with Shane has helped me address the many layers  (ie., not only the physical but also the emotional/spiritual) that contributed to my back pain, sleeping, and weight fluctuation. He has given me the awareness and ability to identify what triggers my stress and how to manage it. Shane is very mindful of where I am and helped guide me through my challenges. It is that mindful practice that allowed me to sustain my progress and enjoy a stronger/healthier body. Thanks, Shane!

    Testimonial Picture of Derekk C. (2)
    Derekk C.

    Ascend Body has the best massage therapists I’ve had for my back issues. I’ve been sleeping on a pretty rough mattress, and wake up with the worst muscle pains. They’ve always managed to work out most of the knots, and loosen me up really well. A++++++++++ would buy again! 😀

    Testimonial Picture of Scott T. (2)
    Scott T.

    In three months, I’ve lost almost 10 lbs and am moving in ways I haven’t for years. Work with either Shane or Rick – both are over the top fantastic.

    Testimonial Picture of Jackie C. (2)
    Jackie C.

    Ascend Body is just what the doctor ordered!  Whether you work with one of the studio’s fitness coaches, nutritionists, masseuses or any combination thereof, you get a complete package of advice.

    The practitioners help you improve your overall physical health and they take a genuine interest in your well being.

    Dalton Huckaby, for instance, has gotten me to eat only organic foods, manage stress better, and work out smarter; I feel better as a result.

    The facility’s owner, Shane Young, continues to attract a growing number of practitioners — and their clients —  for good reason: He’s a pleasure to work with.

    Oh, and don’t mistake this growth for the overcrowding you see at other gyms in SF. The whole premise of Ascend Body is a private training facility, so you’re never bumping elbows with other clients. Plus, the business is soon relocating to a larger facility nearby — stay tuned for that!

    Testimonial Picture of Chester B. (2)
    Chester B.

    I have been working out with Shane Young for almost three years now. He has truly helped transform my body and mind. We started working together when he was at Diakadi, and now sweat it out at his own studio, Ascend Body.

    Through his thorough assessments, he tailors a unique exercise program specific to you. We stretch, work with free weights, a couple of machines, the TRX, and are always moving. I’ll try anything he can throw at me. I will admit that is not easy, but I am there to push myself. He places a big emphasis on proper form and alignment. He does this not only to avoid injury, but to also give you a more effective and beneficial workout. Shane is alert, encouraging, and a burst of positive energy.

    With Shane’s guidance, I’ve altered my diet to remove things that are counteractive to my goals. I’ve lost weight, feel trim, gained a lot of lean muscle, and am incredibly active. In addition to working out with Shane, I run, cycle, and surf, and have excelled in all three. He has taught me to trust my body, and to move beyond the limitations that exist in my mind.

    The facility is spacious, clean and cool. They supply water, fresh organic fruit, and a jar of healthy nuts. There are lockers for your bags, and the swanky bathrooms are fully stocked for a post-workout shower. There always seems to be plenty of free street parking, or you can ride your bike (if you want to get a little more cadrio in!).

    I feel as though he and I are on an incredible journey together, and it just gets more fun, challenging, and inspiring. Throughout the years, Shane has not only been a fantastic trainer, but has become a true friend. You would be lucky to work with him. If you have a serious interest in working out your mind, body and spirit, Ascend Body is the place for you.

    Testimonial Picture of Sand M. (2)
    Sand M.

    Having recently moved to San Francisco, I was looking for a holistic wellness center that would allow me to engage deeply in all aspects of my health. Needless to say, I am so happy to have connected with Ascend body; the trainers are all incredible and offer diverse class styles and personalities. Sessions are integrative and I leave feeling refreshed and reenergized which is a nice departure from the abuse my body was taking from other workouts! Ascend has enabled me to focus within and heal my body while getting stronger each day. I cannot thank them enough and highly recommend checking out this special place.

    Testimonial Picture of Kayla S. (2)
    Kayla S.

    Honestly, I had NO idea what I would be gaining from spending 2 days out of the week with Ascend. Naturally I was intimidated while scooting over to the studio for the first time even before meeting Jess, Shane and Leslie. I quickly realized how ridiculous that was…The air in the studio was and still is clean, motivating, welcoming, and no bullsh*t. The whole team seems to be living out their studio’s mission. You can tell by the way they treat their clients. They teach with poise, patience, confidence, and affirmation.

    Jess does a GREAT job staying in touch through email. It’s an intimate way to see how we are doing and if there’s any questions that may have come up outside of class. A nice touch 🙂

    Again, no bullsh*t they are true to their work and lifestyle.

    Needless to say, SIGN UP!

    Testimonial Picture of Martin S. (2)
    Martin S.

    The Door Opener:
    Back in September 2014, I noticed an ad for a 21-day workout program (Body Boost) at a local studio (at a more than a reasonable introductory price of $54!). I quickly began my research on the place (Ascend Body) via their website and Facebook and decided to just “give it a shot”. (This has been my M.O, then I bail after a while).

    My First Day:
    Nervous and apprehensive, I entered the place and quickly took a seat on the couch. I sat there and fiddled with my phone and tried to take it all in and wondered if it was going to hurt. Then, all of sudden, Jess (Trainer) appears and so we jump into session 1 (as a group). Well, needless to say, yes, it hurt, but it was different. I felt pretty good and her approach was easy going from the start. She asked to know about any injuries or areas of concern. She put us through the paces but there was not any boot camp style pressure or rhetoric. She kept an eye out and provided feedback on form and then at the end, gave us some “atta boys” and we were off on our way until the next time.

    My Ongoing Experience (Current Date: January 20, 2015):
    After the first 21 days, I made a commitment for 6 months. I have continued on with Body Boost and via the program I have learned a lot about making changes in lifestyle as well as making some great strides and because of all of this I am/I have:
    * Learning how to eat good healthier foods (at the right times)
    * Made a commitment to myself and am holding myself accountable
    * Sleeping better
    * Have gained muscle and lost inches and my body still continues to change. I can see it in the mirror and I get occasional feedback from folks that see me intermittently.
    * Have gained an extreme amount of stamina, strength, flexibility and self-confidence.
    * Lastly, and I think most important, this places is nourishing my overall mind, body and soul. This is a great place with a built in support system as well as one where you will find community. The trainers along with Shane (owner) are all very knowledgeable, kind, patient and caring. Shout-outs to Jess, Leslie, Steve and Finn!

    If you are ready to set some goals and find a place that will be completely supportive and motivating–Ascend is your place!!!

    Testimonial Picture of Kristina K. (2)
    Kristina K.

    I’ve been going to the gym on and off the past few years. I was previously working with a personal trainer who left the gym I was a member of to specialize in training Moms or Moms to be – which is not me nor will be me anytime soon!! I tried to go my own way but realized that extra motivation from a trainer, being held accountable and having set times to be at the gym was needed to get my rear in gear.

    One day I was waiting for the 22 at 16th and Mission and looked across the street – it was like an omen – I saw a big banner that read “Ascend Body”. I walk by this place almost every day and decided to scope it out online. They have several options for working out there – 1:1 personal training, semi-private training and bigger classes. They also do bodywork, nutrition and have specific challenges to get you in the zone to reach your goals! Everyone there is super nice, helpful and will make you sweat more than you’ve sweated probably ever. I’ve been going to semi-private training classes for about two months now and am on a better track to reaching my health and fitness goals thanks to Shane and his team.

    So, if you are looking for awesome classes or personal training in an awesome location with awesome people – you’ve found it at Ascend Body! Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

    Testimonial Picture of Shafer M. (2)
    Shafer M.

    I’m pretty new to Ascend, and I have to say that I’m already transformed by working with this awesome crew..not just in terms of helping me meet my goals for my body and lifestyle, but in helping me to value myself and accept challenges that are meaningful to me short and long-term. Shane is a truly caring and gifted healer and I’m excited for the next few months. I can’t recommend Ascend highly enough. It is an amazing place and more than worth it!

    Testimonial Picture of Ariana L. (2)
    Ariana L.

    This is a GREAT GYM! I went to ascend gym today just to check it out and I have to say it really stands out over any other gym I’ve ever been too.
    The energy of this place is very relaxing, clean with many knowledgable people who know a lot about health, fitness, and spirituality. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming when I walked in. They also had free coffee, tea, and snacks for people who come in just as a cute little touch. I really love this place and will definitely come back again!

    Testimonial Picture of Matthew D. (2)
    Matthew D.

    Working with Shane has been life changing.

    When I asked a trusted body worker where I should turn for my next step on the road of Good Health, he replied simply, “Start working with Shane”. And so I did.

    I’ll never forget during our first official session when he asked, “Do you want to lose 20 pounds in a month?”, to which I emphatically replied, “YES!”. From that moment, we began cleaning up my diet of all the crap, and began to work on a stretch, exercise and sleep regimen that is founded in good health, and tailored specifically for me and my body. I think I lost 15 lbs that month. Not bad…

    7 months and 50 pounds later, I have never looked, and more importantly, FELT better. It is truly miraculous how life can unfold in so many unexpected ways when you start taking care of yourself! I can easily say that working with Shane has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He is not just a trainer, but a life coach. Turning around your lifestyle habits is difficult and ultimately REWARDING journey, and Shane is there with you every step of the way. Not to mention that he is an AMAZING Massage Therapist!

    Love this guy and cannot recommend him highly enough!!!

    Testimonial Picture of Jennifer C. (2)
    Jennifer C.

    With a wedding 5 months away & a stubborn post-baby belly that wasn’t going anywhere, I needed a consistent and effective workout program that would get me in shape quickly. I started semi-private training 2x week with Jess back in October and continued with Finn, and both have been so supportive on my journey to becoming stronger & happier, while dropping the “L” from flabulous! I’ve come to immensely enjoy working out at Ascend – – I don’t have too much time to sneak away from work & baby responsibilities so it was really important that each minute of every session counted…and it did. Jess and Finn have always made sure I move through each exercise with intention and purpose & the right amount of burn. The wedding may have come and gone but I can’t wait for my next workout at Ascend!

    Testimonial Picture of Shannon V. (2)
    Shannon V.

    I just recently started attending small group training sessions at Ascend with Leslie and I absolutely love it!!! Leslie is an awesome trainer and I am already feeling a big improvement in how I feel. Shane has created a beautiful environment for working out and I feel like I get a lot of personal attention there. I highly recommend Ascend for anyone who is looking to change their health on a more holistic level and be trained by some of the best trainers in the city.

    Testimonial Picture of Tori V. (2)
    Tori V.

    For those of you who *want* to go to the gym but absolutely *hate* going to the gym…. This is the gym for you! Take one step inside and see for yourself, the space is beautiful, it’s handsomely equipped, the vibe is perfect and the coaches are on point.

    Since November I’ve been regularly attending the Body Boost program with Leslie and it’s been a super fun and totally positive journey so far. I really like the small group aspect of the training which allows Leslie to give each of us her personal attention and instruction, making sure our foundations are solid and our technique is perfect. Having small groups to work with, it’s easy for Leslie to whip up all kinds of butt-kicking workouts, we never know what’s in store for us and that definitely keeps it interesting and fun for sure. On any given day we might be doing body weight and free weight or kettle bell exercises, or we may be using the TRX or Bosu balls, some days we do Tabata workouts and some days we do a combination all of these things and then some! What’s also great is the fact that most of these exercises are easy to replicate on my own, making it easy do at home if I can’t make it to class. One thing is for sure though, no matter the work out, I am always leaving Ascend out of breath, sweating like a beast, feeling stronger and wanting more!

    So if you’re like me and super not into the typical gym scene with all that fluorescent lighting, rows and rows of drones zoning out on Ellipticals and the crazy buff dude grunting and sweating all over the place next to you, come check out Ascend. The space is uber clean, it’s beautifully lit and totally inviting, the classes are affordable and as a classy touch there is always hot water for tea and snacks available for after your workout. The staff is absolutely amazing too, so whether you’re looking for a one on one personal trainer, small group or bigger group sessions, all the instructors are easy going, knowledgable and most of all, motivating!

    5 stars for sure, no matter what your skill level is, I would highly recommend coming to Ascend for high energy work outs that produce results!

    Shane is amazing. If you want to change your life for the better-work with Shane. He has the skills and ability to help you transform your body & lifestyle. He will push you but in a caring & positive way.

    Lindsey T.

    It was December 2009 and I decided that for my New Year’s Resolution the following January, that I would select a personal trainor and commit to working out.

    I had no idea that what began as personal fitness training would flow into improvements in all other facets of my life. Working with Shane has exceeded my expectations.

    Shane had me pick up a book by Paul Chek entitled, “Eat, Move, and Be Healthy” its approach to overall wellness via excercise, stretching, diet would shape the changes that I would soon witness and which would not only surprise, but impress upon me a renewed confidence, vitality, joy and allow me to actually thrive!

    Our first few sessions involved assessments of posture, range of motion and flexibility. These served to provide knowledge that Shane used to create a series of stretches and excercises to help me to correct my posture, body imbalances, and dial in on a diet that would provide nutrition and eliminate two major allergens from which I suffered my entire life.

    The excercise sessions are diverse, no two are exactly the same! The use of free weights, core excercises allow for natural and full range of motion. The sessions are designed specifically for the client and adjusted as needed to fit the clients needs.

    We have worked this last year on my poor posture, by strengthening my back and core muscles. Additionally, we have worked on hip imbalances, through body work and massage.

    What surprised me is that my improvements in diet and posture affected the way others perceived me at work and socially. I looked and felt better and as a result others responded more favorably to me.

    It was not long before I began to do spiritual work, attempting to live in the moment, to be purposeful and aware.  This recovery of sorts helped me to understand the correlation between my posture and my self image;  I saw how the body a living organism, stores and remembers all past hurts and injuries, which manifest and build up  over time often times causing physical and emotional and spiritual issues.

    This led me to assess my career path and goals. I currently am making a huge career change towards a work that is more closely oriented towards my talents and strengths.

    I cannot say enough good things about my work with Shane. Ascendbody is the perfect name because I feel that I truly am thriving like never before!!  What began as a New Year’s Resolution has blossomed into a New Life Revolution!

    Jason B.

    I highly recommend Jess Hess at Ascend Body. She is an engaging and incredibly talented trainer who could work with anyone at any level of fitness to noticeably and quickly improve their fitness level.

    After only a handful of workouts with Jess your fitness level will noticeably improve.

    Jess works with the whole person and is very tuned in. Jess designed a workout completely tailored for me and my fitness level. It was important for me not to re-injure, so we were cautious. In spite of that the workout Jess designed is highly engaging and kept me motivated. Each session is completely different and interesting.

    Jess is a fun person to talk to and it is amazing how she also manages to keep count, check your form and make sure you’re working at your best. Time with Jess just flies by.

    I have a background in dance, gymnastics and martial arts. However after many injuries, pregnancy and labor, there was a lot for me to work for to come back to a healthy level of fitness. Working with Jess has quickly helped me regain a sense of well being after a long time.

    Anda A.

    I’ve been going to Shane for about two years now.  In 2010, I had a pretty major lower back injury that left it difficult for me to walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

    I started to see Shane for massage work, where he was doing amazing trigger-point and deep tissue structural massages.  I liked what he did so much that I tried him out as my new personal trainer and haven’t looked back.

    Shane got me started on different sets of core strengthening and balance exercises, and then we worked on my overall posture and walking.  I went from being able to stand for 5 minutes at a time to being able to walk the mile between my home and his gym and back.  Additionally, Shane encouraged me to experiment with removing possible inflammatory agents from my diet and we rotated through until we found out that wheat was a culprit.  Eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet sped up my metabolism and as a side-effect I lost about 70 pounds of fat.

    Shane’s new location is great, trainers, massage therapists, a nutritionist, a yoga instructor, and a personal chef (Scott – all work at this location.

    Shane has helped me get well, and I’d strongly recommend him for anyone interested in improving their overall physical health, whether they started behind the curve, like me, or just want to kick things up to the next level.

    Paul T.

    The depth and range of healing that is available to you at Ascend is limitless.  I have met many of the healers here but have only had work done by/with Shane. He brings a shamanic (not exaggerating) level of healing to body-work sessions and his bag of tricks include years of training, direct knowledge of the body, and how emotion works through (and gets stuck in) it.  Shane and his team bring a huge skill set from CHEK-certified work out sessions, to nutrition, to emotional release.  I am truly thankful to have found Ascend, Shane and his carefully-selected team.

    Kristi J.

    I was living with nagging back problems from running and poor posture, and had tried trainers from Gold’s gym and other boutique fitness training facilities without much success.  My goal was to learn a few stretches and exercises to improve my posture and reduce my back problems.

    Shane is so gentle and positive and affirming.  He didn’t tell me I wasn’t thinking big enough.  He kept praising what I could do and suggesting additional steps.  This led to the Chek system book, core strengthening work, and dietary changes that made real, visible changes in the way I look and feel.

    When I evaluate a program, I want something that works.  Shane’s program works for me, and I recommend him highly to all my friends and acquaintances.  I even gave my brother a copy of the Paul Chek book.

    His massages are the best I’ve ever had — they are intense, but I feel energized and renewed afterwords.

    If you can get onto Shane’s schedule, it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Eric D.

    I’ve been using Shane for body work and fitness training off and on (as needed) over the past 4 years. Most recently Ascend had a 30 day cleanse that, for the new year, I figured would help with that holiday weight gain. And oh did it! I lost 18 lbs in the first 3 weeks. Strangely, even though I’ve gone through some retox (i.e. drinking, eating sugar, gluten, and other processed foods) I’m ready to start back with the habits I learned on the cleanse – just because I felt better. I’m still going to have my Fri night cocktail hour, but knowing that for the weekday’s I’ve got a livable veggie based diet is going to help me keep the 18lbs off.

    Tys B.

    I cannot explain how much knowledge and care is put into your wellness at Ascend.  Shane and Jess are amazing and brilliant!  I have only recently began my training and really feel like they are going to get me where I know I can be!  True rockstars!

    J Z.

    This gym/atmosphere has completely changed my life.

    I have been struggling for the past 4 years with “baby weight”.
    I tried everything; which included a personal trainer at the JCC, a few Pilates classes (3), a high intensity cardio Pilates class (2 yrs.), a nutriotionalist (lost 4 lbs. in 3 months).

    And then I found Ascend. Come to find out… all I really needed was someone to politely kick my ass in the gym 2-3 times a week. Enter Jess Hess!

    My new philosophy is that I have to fight for my physical well-being and Ascend is my battle ring.

    Mary K.